Eastern Shore Hang Gliding

Our Instructor

Eastern Hang Gliding Center InstructorOur Instructor is here to give introductory tandem flights and teach pilots as they acquire and enhance their flying skills.  All students, prior to their first flight, recieve a 30 day membership in the USHPA.  After the first flight, if the student desires to continue training towards a hang gliding certification, they can begin our flight training program.  

Flight Training Program

boxWith our tandem aerotow instruction students can fly solo in as few as 5-7 days with training flights scheduled in the morning and in the evening.  No training hills required and no lugging equipment up up and down sand dunes!  

Tandem aerotow instruction provides the most air time and makes learning to fly accessible to almost everyone.  

Novice Aerotow Package $1599

boxThis package includes:

Additional tandem flights are $85 if needed.



We are flying everyday that the weather is good.  Call us at (914) 772-6242 to schedule your flight.